How To Get 1,000 New and Engaged Fans Every Week, Over And Over Again...
...even if you don't have a big budget, hit song, or popular genre.
Does This Sound Familiar?
It’s 3am.

Your heart pounds as you upload your newest release to Soundcloud.

“This is the track that’s going to put me on the map.”

...20%... 50%... 100%... Done! Now the real work begins.

The next morning you start promoting your track across the internet. You submit it to blogs. You share it on social media. You email your friends. Today is the day the world recognizes your genius.
A few days later you pull up SoundCloud to see the results. That’s when the disappointment starts to weigh in the pit of your stomach. The results are awful… 

Hardly any plays. Few likes. Zero reposts.

How could that be? Maybe give it more time? So you check in every day for the next 14 days, and every time you check you get the same twinge of failure.
Nobody is listening. Nobody cares. Your track is getting ignored.
You're Not Alone
If you’re like me, then you’ve lived that too many times. 

Pouring every ounce of energy into a track that gets ignored sucks! No wonder we see so many talented artists give up on their dream.
When Did It Get So Hard To Attract New Fans?
What if I told you it didn’t have to be that way?

What if you had a specific, step-by-step strategy for getting new fans in droves, in a matter of days?

What if YOU were one of the artists you see online getting showered with praise and recognition?

What if every morning you woke up with an email inbox full of raving fans thanking your for your musical genius, encouraging you to keep producing music?

Imagine how good it would feel to finally get the love and attention your music deserves?
This Could Be You:
“People I’ve never met from all over the world are emailing me, thanking me for my latest release…"
“My track is topping the charts alongside other big names in my genre. Amazing!"
“All the love and attention I’m getting on all my social media profiles is overwhelming…"
"It feels like I’ve found the spotlight’s ON switch for the biggest stage in the world (the internet)... almost overnight my music is reaching hundreds of thousands of genuine fans and thousands of new fans are pouring in. Incredible!"
"Anytime I release a new track, I just run a promotion and get flooded with more fans. No more worrying about “gatekeepers” featuring my music. I’m in control and the sky’s the limit!"
I just got 622 new fans overnight! Holy smokes!"
“I finally feel like I’m getting more out of my music than I’m putting in. This feels amazing!"
...all in less than 7-days (even if you don’t have a hit OR you’re in niche genre)
Most Artists Waste Time With “Shotgun" Promotion Strategies That Take FOREVER.
Hi, I'm John Gold...
I'm a music artist just like you. I've played live in front of tens of thousands of fans, and after seeing how hard it is to grow an audience I decided to build tools that make it easier to promote your music and attract fans.

I see talented artists with amazing tracks wasting their talent with shotgun music promotion strategies that are ineffective and take forever to get results. They haven’t figured out how to target their ideal fan, so they promote all over the place, hoping something sticks and they magically grow a fanbase.

That rarely works. 

The problem is it’s EXPENSIVE, and even worse, it’s UNPREDICTABLE. Using this approach is like playing the lottery. It’s a longshot, and it’s no wonder so many artists are getting frustrated. 

It’s because I see artists do things like:
Posting all over social media: You get some likes and comments, but it eventually fizzles unless you’re on there posting all the time.
Blasting your track to gatekeepers: Sending tracks to blogs and YouTube channels can get you some love on your music. You may even pick up some fans. Problem is it takes a ton of time, you aren’t in control AND you’re limited to the audience of those gatekeepers.
Network with industry insiders - Make the right connections and you might find yourself on a popular stage. The problem is, that’s what every other artist is trying to do and it’s hard to stand out.
Burn hundreds of dollars on advertising that doesn’t work - Things like Instagram and Facebook ads promise almost unlimited access to music fans, right? The problem is, when you advertise how all the “experts” without real music experience tell you to, you end up wasting tons of money with minimal results.
There is a new way to create 1,000’s of raving fans in as little as 7 days… 
How To Ignite Your Fanbase With 
High-Quality Fans In 7-Days Or Less
Promoting my music AND GETTING RESULTS seemed way more difficult than making music, because I started out as a musician and NOT a marketing genius. 

After years of disappointing results I decided to get out of the “music promotion” bubble and start learning from the brightest minds in social media and digital marketing. I spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on strategies, trainings, books, workshops, webinars and more. 

I was experimenting with their methods, adapting and tweaking them so they work for music promotion in any genre. I got some OK results early, but one day I finally felt like I’d cracked the code!

Check this out:
Click to enlarge
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The result was a powerful promotion strategy that can get you hundreds, even thousands of genuine fans in a matter of days. 

And the best part is: these are 100% REAL, genuine fans who will shower you with love.
These aren’t fake fans. These aren’t just “vanity metrics” like Facebook page likes or SoundCloud plays. 

There is nothing “fake” about it… these are all real, genuine music fans who love your work. No matter what platform you use (this is NOT just for Soundcloud). This works for YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram and more. 

When I figured this out…
... I Felt like Neo After Taking The Red Pill.
This promo technique is so powerful that it kind of makes all the other promo strategies look like kids toys. It’s that powerful. It’s a complete game changer… 

I know it’s difficult to get how big this is across to you, and you’re probably rolling your eyes thinking, “yea right, here’s another promotion secret that’s all fluff with no substance…”

And I get it. You’re right to be skeptical. There is so much crap in the music industry it’s hard to know what’s real and what isn’t. Which is exactly why I want to give you the detailed strategy, step-by-step. I want you to have it so you can break the spell of industry lies that are keeping you from growing your fanbase… 
Which of these music industry lies is holding you back?
“I just need to make better music.”
“If I keep investing in better equipment, better software and keep perfecting my craft as a musician, people will notice me. Once I find the perfect tune, I’ll be an instant success.” 

Great music is only half of the equation. If the best artist in the world didn’t know how to promote his work, he’d be an unknown his entire life. If you start building your fanbase today, even if you don’t feel like you’re ready, the energy you’ll get from raving fans will fuel your motivation to become one of the best.
“I just need to know the right people.”
“I need a label and a manger, then I need to know all the industry insiders who can get me onto the biggest YouTube channels, blogs and stages. If I network harder I’ll get my big break.” 

You don’t need the approval of the industry “gatekeepers.” Instead, build a fanbase that makes THEM come to YOU. Put yourself in control and connect directly with your fans. They’ll rave about you so loud that industry insiders won’t be able to ignore what you’re doing.
“Successful artists don’t face the same challenges I do.” 
“My situation is different. If you look at all the biggest artists in the world and see all the love they get from their fans around the world, there is no way they’re going through the same stuff I am. They clearly have an advantage over someone who is starting from scratch.” 

Actually, every artist faces the same challenges. Every artist starts from scratch. The truth is, the artists who take control of building their own fanbase are the artists who become successful the fastest. 
“My genre is different. My fans are different. My music is different.” 
“My fans don’t use social media. The type of music I produce isn’t a good fit for social media, either. That’s why it won’t work for me.” 

Look, there are billions of people on social media. The problem isn’t social media, because your fans are there. The problem is how you’re using the platform. I’ve tested this new strategy in multiple genres and I can assure you it will work for you. Not only will it work for you but it will completely change the way you think about your music and your career. 
“I need a ton of money to run ads for promotion.” 
“It’s expensive to get your name out there. You need thousands of dollars to reach an audience and run ads that promote your music.”

Actually, you don’t. In fact, one of the first artists who tried our system gained more than 650 genuine fans with just $108 spent on ads. You don’t even have to start that high, either. You can start running ads for as little as $1/day. Way less than what most artists spend on producing a new track. 

Why not invest in building an audience, too?
Build An Audience Of GENUINE Fans For Your Music
It’s time to take control of your audience growth.  

What do you want out of your music? A creative release? A bustling community? A full-time career? 

You can build the fan base you want. Because when you know how to attract raving fans on command, there is no limit on how far you can take it. I’ll show you how. 

It’s time to reap the benefits of all the hard work you put into your music by building an audience who loves it.

It’s time to stop playing small and take your fan base to the next level.
Introducing My Latest Training Program: 
1,000 Fans In 1 Week
1,000 Fans In 1 Week is my latest online video training on how to run an advertising campaign that can reach 100,000 high-quality listeners, and attract 1,000 GENUINE fans who love your work. 
  Optimal Facebook Account Setup

Take full-advantage of Facebook’s ad platform with this optimal setup.
  Effective Ad Content

Know exactly what ad to run and how to run it so it actually works.
  Precise Audience Targeting

Run ads like a sniper to reach hordes of YOUR ideal music fans.
  Valuable Fan Growth Strategy

Turn listeners into fans all over the internet with one powerful strategy.
This is specific - I walk you through the entire campaign, click by click. 

This is fast - A six video training you can apply instantly. You could have new fans piling in as soon as tomorrow. Or take it at your own pace and go as fast (or slow) as you'd like. 

And this is practical - If you’ve tried the shotgun promotion strategies and hacks, and you want to go beyond the fluff and focus on promotion strategies that actually work, 1,000 Fans In 1 Week gives you the precise campaign you can run to create a windfall of GENUINE fans in a matter of days.
The 1,000 Fans In 1 Week Training Program Gives You The Most Effective Ad Campaign I've Ever Seen, Step-By-Step. 
When you get access to the training you will receive: 
A click-by-click ad campaign — perfected for music — that can get you 1,000 GENUINE fans in one week, over and over again
The amazing “download secret” that is the foundation of building a genuine fanbase for your music so easy, your friends won’t believe it. This alone will change your music career forever. Video #3 reveals all the details.
The correct way to setup the ad for your music so it instantly attracts fans who shower you with love. It’ll feel like you have a stadium full of fans chanting your name, begging you for another release. 
Exactly what image to use in your music ad so you stand out from the crowd and attract new fans. (Hint: It’s the opposite of what most people think and have tried before).
How to launch a hyper-effective Facebook ad campaign for your music in a matter of hours, not weeks, so you can save yourself from the pain of wasting time and money on random ads that don’t work, burn money, and kill your motivation. 
The simple thing you can say in your ad that makes music fans jump at the opportunity to download your track AND gets them to happily join your fanbase. (Think how awesome you’ll feel interacting with passionate fans who love your music all over Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud and more!)
How to setup a secret line of communication with Facebook that helps them learn who your best fans are, so they can find and send you tons of PERFECT fans automatically. With this advanced technique, you can get droves of new fans, almost on autopilot! Video #3 of the training shows you exactly how to do this. 
The 3-step “Ideal Ad Sequence” for music that stops your ideal fans in their tracks and gets them to download your track, without being salesy or annoying. This is the key to creating a MAGNETIC ad. When you get this right you may stop using all other forms of promotion. 
The first two words you must use in your ad if you want new fans lining up to play your track. Miss this and risk burning cash on ads that don’t work. Video #4 tells you exactly what they are. 
A psychological tactic “regular” musicians can use to get a fan to instantly opt-in to their audience and shower them with love. 
How to write an ad for your music that will have fans feeling like “I have to have it” as if you’re the hottest star on the planet, even if they’ve never heard your name or music before.
What you must do right when you start running ads if you want to turn listeners into fans who stick with you FOREVER. (This is the key to getting booked and building a long-term music career with an audience that loves everything you release). 
My secret ad content technique you can use to make your fans curious and excited about your latest track. (Hint: It has to do with the words you choose.)
My proven two-step formula for creating an ad that pulls thousands of fans into your audience. (Don’t be surprised when all your friends and family start interrogating you about where all your new fans came from.) 
A strategic move that puts your Facebook ad in front of your IDEAL fan — and ONLY your ideal fan — no matter how niche your genre is — so you ONLY attract fans who love your work. Video #5 shows you how.
The “cover art” ad mistake most musicians make (if you fix this one thing fans will be lining up for miles). 
How to avoid attracting “fake” fans that won’t boost your career, and the powerful targeting technique that only targets your best audience. Video #3 ensures you don’t become one of those posers with tons of followers and ZERO engagement
How to “partner” with Facebook so they help you build a bigger fanbase. (You’ll feel like you’re rowing downstream with the wind at your back when you see the momentum this creates). 
How to avoid the black hole of advertising by improving your ad over time. Follow the steps in video #6 so you get more fans every week while spending less money overtime. 
Powerful little mechanisms you can use to multiply the amount of new fans you get everyday. Be warned, however, you may have to deal with an overwhelming flood of emails and messages from happy fans praising your work. Video #6 gives you the details.
Getting 1,000 New Fans In 1 Week Is Like Pressing Fast-Forward On Your Fame
Because The Truth IsWithout Fans, Nothing Happens 
When you attract a flood of new fans, week after week, the world takes notice. Your email inbox will be flooded with appreciation from fans thanking you for your contribution to their lives, for making the world a better place. 

When you run the campaign I give you, you’ll build unstoppable momentum that you control. You could be waking up every morning with hundreds, sometimes thousands of new fans all over over the internet. All because you took a few simple steps and did what works. 

Now, I know you’re probably thinking this sounds too good to be true, even though we’ve perfected the campaign to help everyone from brand new artists starting from scratch, all the way up to established artists who want to grow faster and bigger. 

That means… 
My 1,000 Fans In 1 Week Promotion Strategy Will Work For You…
...even if you don’t have a hit song… 
... even if you’re in a niche genre… 
...even if you have a tiny budget for promotion...
...even if you’re a complete newbie starting from scratch...
...even if you aren’t a marketing genius… 
...even if you feel like you’ve tried everything.
1,000 Fans In 1 Week will work for you because we’ve taken the guesswork out of it. You’ll get a click-by-click walkthrough of the campaign that can take your music career to the next level.

It can be a long and painful road with no guarantees of figuring it out. Going at it alone is not an option. And what you don’t know could cost you years of wasted musical talent and creative expression. 

But it doesn’t have to be mysterious or difficult anymore.
 The 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
I not only want to make sure you get access to all of the materials, but I want to give you a full 30-days to put it into practice and make sure this is really working for you.

Try the entire campaign. If you don’t LOVE it, then I insist you get 100% of your money back. 

It’s simple. Buy the 1,000 Fans In 1 Week course and implement the promotion campaign I'm giving you. If it doesn’t grow the size of your fan base in 30-days, I want you to email me. Show me you implemented the strategies I gave you, and I’ll give you your money back. 

This guarantee lasts for 30-days, which is more than enough time to review the whole system and take it for a test drive. 

1,000 Fans In 1 Week Will Show You How To Get New Fans In Droves With Facebook Ads Better Than Everyone Else — And It’s 100% Risk Free To Try.
Are You Ready To Get More Fans Every Week?
For a limited time I'm offering special, early access pricing to the artists who are ready to take action and grow a bigger fan base.
1,000 Fans In 1 Week 
Special "Early Access" Price
You Might Be Wondering, 
“Is The 1,000 Fans In 1 Week Training Program Right For Me?”
Let me start by telling you who this is NOT for:

If you’re looking for a free “hack” that grows your fanbase automatically without doing anything, then this training is NOT for you. 

If you’re lazy or unwilling to take action, then this training is NOT for you.  

On the other hand, as crazy as it sounds, this campaign IS the closest thing to a magic bullet I’ve ever found. So, if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, then this Facebook ad campaign training is perfect for you:
Question #1: 
Have you always wanted to grow an audience for your music but never knew how or where the best artists in the world are doing it?
Question #2: 
Are you looking for a way to grow your fan base to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world? 
Question #3: 
Do you find you’re much better at “creating the music” than putting yourself out there, promoting your work and building a fan base?
Question #4: 
Have you always dreamed of giving music a real shot, taking it seriously and making it your full-time career?
Question #5: 
Have you ever poured hours into promoting your music and putting yourself out there with nothing to show for it?
Question #6: 
Do you have at least a small budget of $1 per day to run ads?

If you can say YES to any or all of the questions above, then good news. The 1,000 Fans In 1 Week training program can help you attract your next 1,000 genuine fans in 7-days.

Here’s why:

Following my step-by-step Facebook advertising campaign is the easiest way to attract genuine fans who love to support your work and spread the word… even if you’re starting from scratch with ZERO fans right now.

You see, if you’re like most artists, you find you’re better at “creating the music” than you are at promoting it and putting yourself out there, and that’s okay. The step-by-step campaign you’ll get with this limited time offer will catapult you to the next level. You don't need to be a marketing expert to make it work. You simply need to know how to follow directions. 

Finally, if you’ve ever spent hours posting your music online, submitting it to bloggers, playlisters, YouTubers, SoundCloud channels with little or nothing to show for it, then the good news is you’re going to get a PROVEN ad campaign that is guaranteed to work, so you can save yourself the time, MONEY and frustration of doing stuff that doesn’t.
Frequently Asked Questions About The 1,000 Fans In 1 Week Training Program
Do I need to be familiar with Facebook Ads to do this? 
No. Not at all. Everything is laid out in simple terms anyone can follow. The training walks you through the entire campaign, click-by-click. You can do it even if you’re a beginner with zero computer skills.
What if I have no fan base or have never released a track? 
No problem. You may even be better off starting from scratch, since you haven’t wasted time on stuff that doesn’t work. So yes, you can definitely do this, even if you have ZERO followers.

Plus, remember that when you get access to this campaign that means you don’t have to figure it out on your own! You’ll get access to a proven campaign that is guaranteed to get you results.

You’ll have the knowledge and expertise you need to fast track your results, even if you’re starting from scratch.
What if I’m a… ?
If you’re any type of musical artist or producer in ANY genre, then the 1,000 Fans In 1 Week training is perfect for you. 

This includes EDM DJs, hip hop artists, rock bands, singer-songwriter musicians and more.
Does this only work for SoundCloud?
This IS NOT only for SoundCloud. This works for YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms where you host your music. 
Do I need a big budget to run Facebook ads?
No. You can run ads for as little as $1/day and still see amazing results. You can absolutely get 1,000 GENUINE, raving fans for your music with a budget of $1/day... it might just take longer than one week.
Is 1,000 Fans In 1 Week step by step? Or garbage fluff?
This system has been proven and perfected after years of experiments. I’ve laid everything out in step-by-step, click-by-click detail. All you need to do is follow along and watch the new fans roll in. 

Everything is packed into six easy to consume videos. When you're done you'll have a fully functional campaign up and running. I even show you how to multiply your results when the ad is live.
Is the 1,000 Fans In 1 Week training live or can I access it whenever I want?
You do not need to show up anywhere live. The whole training consists of pre-recorded training videos. You will be able to access all of the videos 24/7 in a private, password protected members area.
Will you run ads and get more fans for me?
No. But good question :) The 1,000 Fans In 1 Week training program is designed to be the next easiest thing to having someone do it for you. It’s a comprehensive resource with in-depth training and walkthroughs. 

You just need to show up and implement. And don’t worry if you’ve never built an ad before, the training will show you how to setup and launch the campaign for maximum results.

The reason why we we’re giving you this as a training is because the key to success is not having someone else promote your music. That only builds your dependence on them. The real key to success is to empower yourself to promote your music and grow your fan base. That’s how you build long-term success.

Just tell me, is the 1,000 Fans In 1 Week training right for me?
When I put this training together together I had two people in mind. They are: 

Person #1: You’re already promoting music and building an audience, but you want to build a BIGGER fan base with more predictability. 

Person #2: You’re not actively building an audience or fan base, but you know you want to build start attract fans and growing your audience.

1,000 Fans In 1 Week training program will help you either way. You’ll get everything you need to attract your next 1,000 GENUINE fans in 7-days or less.
For a limited time I'm offering special, early access pricing to the artists who are ready to take action and grow a bigger fan base.
1,000 Fans In 1 Week
Special "Early Access" Price